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Precious Metals IRA

A Pioneer In Taking IRAs Offshore

Sovereign International Pension Services grew out of one man’s passionate belief in the importance of international diversification for investors. Larry C. Grossman, our Managing Director, was a traditional financial advisor who saw how effectively global investing worked to strengthen client portfolios. He was one of the first financial advisors, and possibly the first, to develop a compliant method for helping clients take IRAs and pension plans offshore for asset protection and greater investment diversification.

Larry began acting as his clients’ IRA Administrator and advisor. As the retirement plan part of his practice grew it began to take more and more of his time. Larry also found himself servicing other financial advisors and their clients. He sold the advisory business in 2008 after 20 years of experience in financial services and became a full-time IRA Administrator and consultant focused on international investing. He founded Sovereign International Pension Services in 2006 in Palm Harbor, FL.