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The Benefits Of Offshore Investing

Contrary to what you may have been told by your broker or banker, you can own almost any U.S. or non-U.S. investment in your retirement plan, from offshore mutual funds to all types of alternative and non-traditional investments. Adding international investments to your retirement account offers many potential benefits, including:

Investment diversification. Many of the world’s best investments and money managers will not do business with U.S. citizens directly. They simply have made the choice that it is easier to do business with the rest of the world than to comply with burdensome U.S. rules.

Higher returns. There are opportunities in the traditional financial markets, such as offshore mutual funds and London-traded investment trusts, with much higher returns than are generally available in U.S. markets.

Currency diversification. You can protect your wealth against the falling U.S. dollar by holding other currencies such as Japanese yen or Swiss francs, and opportunities to invest in foreign currencies are plentiful.

Our market is growing because more and more people are concerned about the financial direction of the United States, and they are turning to Sovereign International Pension Services for solid solutions.