With a Self-Directed IRA you are in control of your precious retirement assets. This gives you the power to decide where to invest your hard earned savings. You now have the ability to open a bank account onshore or offshore, which also holds true for more traditional investment accounts. You can work with a financial advisor, or establish an online trading account anywhere in the world.

Many of our clients already know exactly what they want to do with their retirement accounts and are looking for an IRA Administrator and custodian who not only allows them total control, but is knowledgeable and helpful with the process.  
The number one question I receive from clients who are simply looking to invest part of their account offshore is what's next? They really aren't sure who they should work with let alone what country is the right choice for their investment.
Disclaimer- Neither Sovereign International Pension Services, nor any of its employees provides investment advice. 
Clients who are looking for additional information may request a list of resources other clients have worked with. It's not a recommendation of any kind. This list contains the names of: banks, trading platforms, precious metal dealers and realtors from around the world. Our clients have invested in over 30 different countries. Map
It's an unfortunate necessity but, you'll be asked to sign a waiver of liability/hold harmless agreement before receiving the list due to the litigious society in which we live.
It contains in part the following language:
  • This list is NOT a recommendation or endorsement of any kind. 
  • I am not limited by, nor required to use, anyone on this list.     
  • I acknowledge I have sole responsibility for directing the investment of my account. 
  • I understand SIPS will not perform due diligence of any kind, and will not undertake any investigation as to the prudence, viability, merits, or suitability of any investment in my account.
It's time to “Liberate Your IRA” and take control of your assets.

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