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SIPS will assist you in getting your IRA or retirement plan transferred effectively and efficiently every step of the way. Our staff has garnered numerous compliments from clients extolling the virtues of their dedication. 
Please contact one of our dedicated staff if you have questions or need assistance.  
"Larry Grossman of Sovereign International Pension Services is a Wharton School of Business graduate and often referred to as the Pit Bull by his peers, in regards to his persistent pursuit of opening up offshore opportunities for clients. I found the pit bull to be a perfect gentleman. Larry and his team always found the time to listen to my concerns and kindly replied in a courteous, prompt and professional manner"  - B. H.
"Jessenia is always helpful and wonderful!" - Nancy H.
"Jessenia has her act together.  Working with her, she literally won't let you make mistakes. 
She catches everything and is a pleasure to work with."  - James P.
"Larry, I just wanted to thank you for having Maria work with me. She is extremely friendly and an amazing help and I soo enjoy working with her. Have a great day." - Harvey G
"Your reply is just another example of why (I'm sure) clients like you . . . Always something nice to say.  Thanks for the comments AND the "above-and-beyond" help with our account."  - Jay M.
"Thanks to your staff - they are GREAT!  Your staff, specifically Jessenia Paturzo & Maria Stein have been exceptionally helpful,
responsive, timely & polite.  Having employee’s like them are a huge asset to your business & of great value to your
 customers.  Best regards" - L Hermone
Email to Jessenia and Maria - "Thanks! You guys are the absolute best.  Thank you for everything you do for me.  
I can always depend upon both of you." - P. Burton
"Thanks so much, Jessenia! I am so glad you are involved, and so helpful." - N.M.
"Jessenia and Maria performed above and beyond in  working thru a challenge with my account. They were relentless in their quest to help me. The entire Sovereign Team were just perfect."  Dave F
Thank you, Maria, for your dependable, accurate and helpful e-mails!!” - Denise D.
"You’ve been wonderful to me and I’m so grateful" - Susan S.
"You have always done a great job for me and gone the extra mile. Want you to know how very much I appreciate all you have done. Take care and know that I appreciate you!" - Phil B.
"Jessenia, Thank you so much for this information. You are indeed a real trouper. Warmest Regards" - Bernardo and Ann G.
"Thanks to you and the others from Sovereign for your help over the years.  I have always found your services to be pro-active, efficient, and client-focused." - Rod N.
"Maria, As always I am indebted to you and your stellar customer service and amazing care and concern you have always shown are a true gem and a wonderful person!! THANK YOU!! Mike"
  "I contacted Larry’s office and sure enough in a matter of weeks he and his staff were able to get my IRA’s transferred and invested in this property. Larry and the rest of the staff handled the entire transaction in a professional and orderly manner. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the service they provided me. If you are interested in tapping into the full potential of your IRA or retirement plan I would urge you to contact their office today"  - T. Daley
Larry — This is a letter that is long overdue — your ladies have been a God-send on so many occasions. And, Maria has been outstanding with her perceptions of what we’ve needed with hand-holding on so many occasions. As I’ve shared with her, you all speak a different language on many occasions, and for us apprentices, it all seems at times especially foreign.  Please take some time out of your busy day to thank her for all that she so patiently does for us. We love her ever-present cheer, can-do attitude, and determination to get things accomplished. We’re eternally grateful!  Warm regards, Larry B

Thank you and Larry for your competence and for educating people about their options for financial freedom and asset protection. Kind regards, Edward


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