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SIPS has signed an agreement with, and become a member of, one of the most prestigious precious metals platforms available anywhere. We have done so at the request of our clients who are seeking the most secure, cost effective way to buy and sell bullion.

A wide choice of bullion products, allocated lots of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium - single coins to multi-ounce bars - worldwide storage options, low prices, complete liquidity, total security, limited reporting requirements, and access to a 24-hour buying and selling platform instantly, online.

Store Precious Metals Globally

Store your precious metals with total security in fully audited and insured independent vaults in New York (Brinks), Salt Lake City (Brinks), Zurich (ViaMat), London (ViaMat), Singapore (Malca Amit) or Melbourne (Brinks) - the same vaults used by central banks and governments throughout the world.

  1. Minimum requirement- $5,000 for U.S. Vaults, $10,000 for non-U.S.
  2. Pricing- Competitive pricing with at least 4 suppliers. instantaneous
  3. Platform- Buying and selling is accomplished online from your own computer simply and efficiently.
  4. Storage- Storage of precious metals outside of the U.S. requires the use of an LLC.

More information on metals offered, pricing, technology, delivery etc. is available upon the establishment of an IRA or other type of Retirement Plan with SIPS, or contact us now.

Please click here for an application.


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